About Numerology


Pythagoras, Greek Philosopher and Mathematician,  (6th Century BC) was known as the Father of Number Analysis.  It is his method that I use today.  I also use Every Day Practical Metaphysics, incorporating it into numerology when people present with personal problems.  

Numerology shows our strengths, weaknesses and challenges.  It also helps us make better choices because knowing what our Personal year number (PYN) is, gives the advantage of being able to organise our year.  It can tell us to wait or to move on.  It’s a steadying force and provides balance to our lives.  Each ruling number has basic characteristics and if there are ‘arrows’ on the life chart they will offer more help. 

Our numbers show our positive and negative characteristics and knowing these, we can build on the positive points.

When we understand our ruling number and what it really means, this has a profound impact on us.  We learn how that number works and work with it.  For example, when our characteristics come to light, we become more aware and hopefully we use that information in a positive way, thereby living a more harmonious life in our interaction with others. 

Numerology is meant to be used to our advantage.  We can use it to project ahead to see what offers in the way of making decisions and in long or short term projects.

Numerology offers help to parents in understanding their growing kids and helps parents and kids relate better to each other.  It helps to bring harmony in a family, which is most important.  

Numerology also helps in work situations and brings more understanding between colleagues and presents a better work-place. 

It leads to more ease in our lives, especially when we find challenges along the pathway.

If there is a name-change due to a marriage, or because we would like a name change for other reasons, numerology is the most reliable system to use.  Be mindful that the vibrations from the new name will not take effect for three to six months.  

Numerology is magical and when we learn to understand the way it works, it becomes one of the most important tools in our lives that we can use.

So, have a wonderful time in learning about, and knowing how Numerology works.  With positive  knowledge, it will never let you down.