About Numerology

My second book, “Numerology For Your Family”  is for parents;  1) naming your baby after it is born;  and 2) if you really want to get to know your children, then parents – this is the book for you.

Some precious new-borns, particularly in the early part of this century, need all the help parents can give them.  This is because the years from 2000 to 2010 have only up to two numbers in them.  (Zeros are not entered on the chart).   This means that fewer numbers are on the birth chart, so we ‘make it up’ by giving the child a name with letters to fill some of those empty squares.

This can be a lot of fun.  Each letter of our alphabet represents a number – and when the birth chart is drawn up, it can be easily seen which squares need more numbers – and these numbers are gained from our alphabet, when you have decided on a name.

This book is a real self-help book and easy to understand.  In a family of say, four children, all four of them will be different and might learn at different rates.  This can be frustrating for parents.  So knowing the chart of each child, the ruling number of each child, looking for ‘arrows’ in each chart and other patterns, can make it so much easier for young parents today.  The birth chart set-up, the arrows and patterns, etc. are all explained in this book.

Just think:  When you get to know that special quirk or special thing each child gets up to, they’ll believe that you have eyes at the back of your head.

There is also a little more help in the sections: Ruling Numbers and Sun Sign Combinations and, How parents’ and children’s ruling numbers interact.

There’s a lot of really good help in this book and I believe that every household should have one.

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