About Numerology

Our universe, our world – every living thing is governed by number.

Think of something – anything at all;  you will discover that there is number in it.  The trees, flowers, grass, all have a numbered sequence -  in the petals, leaves, and the way they grow.  All of life is ruled by numbers and cycles.

 Of all living things, we humans are the only species to need guidance in our lives and ask ‘God’ for help.

Ever wondered what it would be like to always have a guide with you to help sort out your life?

“What’s my number for today – or for the year – and how can that number and I work together?”

Some people look to others to help them, to make choices for them and make everyday and life decisions for them.  That’s not how life works.  Life works when we actually do things to help ourselves.  How do we do that?  Sometimes life overwhelms us and we believe we have no place to turn for guidance.

There will always be some part of our lives when we’ll need a little help no matter how strong or how positive we feel – because there’ll be times when we’ll feel vulnerable – fragile – and in those times we need someone or something to turn to, even if only for confirmation.  What about something practical to find answers to many questions?

Here is something we can do for ourselves:

I’m talking about Numerology – an everyday type of numerology.

Some might say:

I believe in God;

I believe in myself

I have goals

I am a positive person

I achieve

 ….so I don’t need anything else.

Numerology is not fortune telling – it’s not about telling fortunes… nothing like it.  Numerology is the perfect practical ‘guidance tool’ we can carry with us.  It gives comfort and support in the knowledge that we have a strong reference point.

In this, my first book, you will find answers – and some might even surprise you.  I believe that we must learn to know ourselves a little first, before we even assume to know someone else.

For those who already use numerology, know just how important it is in our lives.  We can use it on ourselves, our children, others in the family and friends.  See the reasons why we sometimes do and say things – why we act the way we do – and lead a more harmonious life.

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